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Hanes Walker

Real Estate Professional

Hanes was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. In 1990, he earned a BSBA degree in finance from Appalachian State University. After graduation, he began a career in real estate conducting appraisal work for a small firm in Charlotte.

In 1994, he decided to advance his skills and founded Walker and Associates Real Property Appraisers, which at its peak in 1997 hosted 5 staff appraisers. During this time, Hanes also obtained his NC broker license, NC general building contractor license and started Realty Partners, who specialize in the sale and marketing of unique properties, custom homes and corporate homes.

Hanes continues to appraise real estate for select clients and stays up-to-date with local market trends. Working as a real estate professional for over two decades, he has been able to utilize his experience and depth of knowledge to provide clients an unmatched level of service and assistance.

Hanes Walker

716 East Blvd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28203 United States